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In The Next 20 Mins, You Will Discover The Secrete Ways Of Making Over 250,000 Monthly From Simple Importation Business, Which You Can Start With A Little Capital As Low As 10,000 Naira Only.


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Thanks for visiting us here  , if you have been looking for effective ways of make money from the comfort of your home by importation of Good's with a little capital, then you have arrived at the right place . we have all the informations needed to build your importation business from scratch to standard. just browse through our site ,i guarantee you will discover useful, hiden secrete about successful small scale importation business.

Firstly, before i go further. For the sake of those who doesn't know me, let me introduce myself, am Onuwa Chike Madukwe an Internet/Affiliate Marketer, Social Media Expert, Website Designer and an Importer, I make my living practically online from affiliate marketing, information marketing, designing websites for my clients and importing Goods in medium scale from china and supplying them to retailers, All i do is based online and i run my business with the name Exto Online Services duly registered with  the Nigerian Corprate Affairs Commission with Reg No: IM5909 and we have office in Aba ,Abia State Nigeria . You can Learn more about me by doing a google search on my name or company's name, you will find a load of details about me because i have a well established online presence, or you can visit my website on

Concept Of Small Scale Importation Business

I know this could be the question going around your mind. "Can a person start importation business with just 10,000 naira capital?"  the answer is YES!!! Its 100% possible, you can build a multi million importation business with a capital as low as N10, 000 only.  i know this really sound strenge, but i have proofs which shows how valid this business is.

What Do I Mean By Importation With N10,000 And Above.

When am talking about starting an importation trade with 10,000 naira, i dont mean to say that one can buy a full contaner load of goods with N10,000. rather, i mean that one can start and build his importation business with an average capital of at least N10,000 and build it into millions within a space of some months.

How Dose It Work: Recently, i discoverd a website of a markets based in china,USA AND UK. that are selling the GOODS online at a very cheep price compare to the price that same goods of the same quality are been sold here in nigeria.

Detergents Powders, Soap and body cream.
Ladies wigs and Hair Extensions (Human Hair , Synthetic Hair, Blended Hair, Feather Hair, Brazilian Hair etc
Ladies Make-Ups and Makeup Tools.
Clothes Men And Ladies Fashion wears.

Wrist watches, Jewelry set (Necklaces, Rings, Eyewear Bracelets & Bangles)

Men And Ladies Shoes, Hand Bags etc.
USB and Memory Cards
Android tablet, Laptop computers and accessories

Black berry, NOKIA Mobile Phones, TECHNO PHONES. 




And many more products from different categories


With the little capital you have and depending on the type of items you wish to import, you can get 50-100 pieces of goods with just 10,000 naira. On buying the goods you will provide the company you are buying from the shipping address where you want it to be sent, you can use your home address or your office or shop address. After placing the order the goods will be delivered to the shipping address you provided. They have three shipping methods, depending on your choice and agreement with the company you bought the goods from, they can ship it either via DHL, EMS, or post office, when the goods gets to your home address, you can sell it all by yourself orsupply to reseller and grab your money for next trip. this is just the simple idea of this business.

How Safe Is This Business: 

Since this business involve internet transaction, am sure you might be having some double thought about it, yes I understand your fear of been defrauded, but I assure you that such thing can never occur using this system of importation business,WHY. Because In this system of importation business, you as a buyer is in total control, what do I mean by that, ok let me explain. When making your payment for the goods, you are not paying to the company directly, rather you are paying to a third party payment processor called ESCROW, and this third party simply stand in between you and the seller, to GURRANTTEE the safety of the business. 

Here is how escrow works.When buying OR making online transaction using the services of ESCROW, like I said before, escrow  guarantee's the safety of the transaction, by ensuring that both parties are satisfied and got what they want.

Here is what they do, when you make payment under the protection of escrow, the money will be kept on hold, then the escrow company will notify the seller that you have make payment for the goods and they will send the goods to the address you provided when making the payment for the goods.

 After you have received the goods, you will be given days to examine the good and check if the goods is exactly what you paid for or if the quality is the same as described by the seller and also check if the quantity is complete. If all is ok, then you notify the escrow that you have gotten the goods and its in good condition, then the escrow company will release they money to the seller. But if the goods is not as you want it or if the seller did not send the goods you ordered, all you are required to do is to report to escrow and tell them that you need your money back and if will be refunded completely.

 This is why this business is 100% sure guaranteed. You are in total control of the transaction and the seller gets his money only after you are satisfied with the goods you received.  

 Once you come in contact with this IMPORTATION BUSINESS GUIDE, you will be exposed to success secretes beyond your imaginations, for instance, could you ever believe that most of the goods we are buying 2,000 naira in Nigeria could only cost 300 or 400 naira to import from oversea country to Nigeria. 

Yes this is no joke. That is why once any business man start importation business, money will start flowing as if the guy do juju to make money. NO, not juju its simply the secrete am talking about. You only import  as low as 200 naira and sell it here with much profit like 1,500 naira profit from a single item. Now tell me, why his capital won’t multiply as if magic is involved. . Ok check out this simple illustration below.

How to start importation with only N10,000.

Am sure you are desprate to know how to start importation with only N10,000 because it naturally sound impossible. But i will tell you how. Among the products listed above, you can  try my method. the very method that i used when i started. i started with women make up. then, i bought a few sets of women make up which is N4950 in total to be precise. when it arrived, i sold each of them tripple the price that i bought them then the money multiplied times three. Now am buying mostly laptops and mobile phones.

If you dont want to TRY my idea, here are some products  you can  start with. 

2GB, 4GB,8GB memory cards. sold for N250, N400, N550 Respectively, on wholesale basics here in nigerian market. but you will get them at the rate of N120, N180, N300, From the website am about  introducing to you.

There are many other products at very cheap price. like USB FLASH DRIVES, MOBILE PHONE ACCESSORIES ETC. You can start with them and grow your business into millions within a few months.

How Real Is This Business?

I know this must be the queston going around your mind. well humanly speaking, it sound very unbeleiveable for someone to start importation business with just a N10,000. but here and now i will show you some proofs that it really work.

Take a Look Bellow.

importation business in nigeria

You see the jewelry above is sold for $0.99 which is N157 in Nigeria Currency, now when you buy 24pcs or more,you will get it at a bulk price. which  is at the rate of $0.96  which is 152 naira each. and the total price for the 24pcs  is $23.04   which is N3,600 In Nigrian Currency, for the 24 pieces of jewelries.

That same jwelrey of the same quality and design are been sold for over N1,000 each here in Nigerian market. but With the information i will show you, you will import then at the rate of  N152 in china,

With N10,000 you can buy 72 pieces of that jwelries.

 ok lets say you imported 72 pieces with N10,000  when it arraived here, you supplies it to resellers at te rate of N1,000 NAIRA EACH, giving you a profit of 1000 - the cost price from china, which is 152 naira. if you subtract 152 from 1000 naira, you will have a profit of 1000 - 152 = 848 naira from each of the jewelry you imported.

from a simple calculation, you will discover that you will be making cool profit of  848 X 72 = 61,056 naira after selling all the 72 pieces of necklace. you imported with just a little capital of 10,000.

if you can complete two trip of this business in just a month, you are making a profit of  N61,056 X 2  which is  122,112  naira . this will be your profit in just a month on a business you started with a capital of just N10,000 only.

 Tell me, Is that not a Good biz? Now imagine your profit and how much you will make if you can do this business in just a space of one YEAR.

I understand , their is shipping fee of $99.55 on the price as listed above. You dont need to worry over that, i will show you a SIMPLE method you can use to ship your goods for free. so dont worry about the shipping fee.

Ok see this one below.

Original men's wrist watch been sold for $4.74 which is about N700 when converted to Nigeria courrency. This same watch of the same standard are sold for N2000 here in Nigeria market.

Check out this ladies slippers above been sold at the rate of $1.65 which is N264 when converted to Nigeria currency. this same slippers is selling nothing less than N1,000 here in Nigeria market. you too can see the difference yourself.

Check out this ladies wears above, compare the prices these clothes are been sold in some of the boutiques around our country.but in chines market, these clothes are been sold three times cheaper than what they are been sold here in Nigeria. you can import these items and make much money after selling them.

Also check this school / office pen below, school pen that are selling for N18 naira here in Nigeria whole sale market, 500 pieces of this same pen are been sold for only $15.23. when you divide the $15.23 into 500 pieces, the price for 1 pen will be $0.03. which is about N4 here in Nigerian money.

As you can see from the picture above, these men's jeans wear which is been sold for $4.90 in the chines market, which is N780 when converted to naira. this same jeans wear is selling at the rate of nothing less than N2,500 NAIRA in some Nigerian wholesale market. am sure you can see the difference yourself.



Below are some  pictures from our just concluded  Lagos importation business workshops.

Lagos 5th october workshop classroom

Picture On Me Illustrating some points.

Attendants pictures.

Abuja 9th November workshop attendants


Its not Compulsory for you to start this business with N10,000, You can  start with a more resonable amount.  if you have above N10,000, you can still do this business . depending on your financial ability. But the more money you invest, the more quantity of goods you buy and the more profit you make.

 Tips On How To Sell Your Products Fast With More Profit.

In every buying and selling business, your turn-over will detamine your success. the same is applicable here. if you can run a complete five trip  turn over within a month.  in this business, then the sky will be your limit.

Here are some tips.

you dont need to sell all your goods by yourself. just like i did, i sold them in bulk. what i mean is. simply locate people that are selling the products around you. all you will do is to supply them your good at a reduced price more cheaper than what they usally buy them in nigerian wholesale market. that will make them buy from you and still demand for more. 

Now let say you started with N10,000 and you are able the run three to four market turn-over within a month, using the simple tip have shown you above, by my calculation, your capital should be around 250,000 to 300,000 after just a month.

 I Dont Have Any Means of Making Online Payment, How Do I Buy And Pay Online.

Even if you don’t have access to any means of online payment, we have also made a provision to carry you along. inside our importation business report, you will discover how to get a master card which you will be using to make payment online . The most interesting thing about this mastercard is that you can also fund it with Naira via any bank next to you and also, you can use it to withdraw all you online earning via any ATM machine in any Nigerian Bank.

Introducing Our Guide To Importation busness complete guide. 


“ Complete Guide To Importation Business ” .

The " Complete Guide To Importation business " is a  comprehensive ebook that HAS every information needed to start importation business, anyone can apply and start importing goods in a small scale without travelling to china OR USA.

This ebook was compiled by me after extensive Market Research to determine the goods that are selling hot because what you need to import is what is selling hot and not what is not selling because thats where the cash lays. If you import a product that doesnt have high demand, how are you going to sell it? of course you will sell it but not that fast and it might take you a lot of time to sell it, i bet thats not what you want , yes what you and i want to buy is what you can sell easily and fastly in other to order more.

This guide also covers every details about, determining the price range of a product, get to know how much a product sells here in the local market and how much it sells in the international market where you will be buying from in order to avoid losses.

IMPORTATION GUIDE DVD VIDEO:  Our importation guide DVD video, is a complete dvd record of the 9th November 2013 workshop which we held in Abuja at the angeles hotel gariki Abuja. we made this video specially for you, since you could not make it to the workshop due to tight schedule or far distance, so you can just get a copy of the video and watch it. watching this video is just another way for you to partake in theworkshop, because you will learn all the secrete we thought that day and also learn from questions and answers of other attendants.


I persoanlly have been doing this importation business for some years , and i must confess is really the bomb and many people that i have shown the same way can attest to it and the most interesting thing about this business is that you dont need to go on the streets looking for who will buy the good's from you, NOPE I have unveiled in the secret of getting already made buyers waiting for the arrival of your goods . you will be like a supplier to them and you will be suppling at a more cheaper rate than what they use to buy in the local market here while also making your own profits. who will see a cheap high quality market and refuse to buy? No one.

Listed Below Are Few Among Many TESTIMONIAL emails we recived from clients who have ordered this guide to importation business manual before now.


Testimony From AMEYO KWASI


My name is AMEYO and am from GHANA. I came across this importation business package while I was searching for online jobs, I found it very interesting. Though Mr. chike refer this products to Nigerians, I contacted him with the number on his website and ask if I can do this business from Ghana, he said yes that I can do it from any country. So I ordered for the book using my simple pay account.

That is how I got this manual and it have been very productive to me. Am leaving fine and thanks to this eBook.

Am writing this to persuade you to go for it, it will help you just as it have lifted me to a standard today.

Thanks for your time

Ameyo Kwasi

From Tamale Ghana

See these testimonial emails below.



Inside Guide To Importation business Manual.

Guide to importation business is a power packed e-Book, is  loaded with all information on how to start importation business in Nigeria with a very little capital as low as N10,000 only. Inside Guide importation, you will discover the following secrets:-


Listed below are few points which are fully disclosed inside our complete guide to importation business manual.



CHAPTER 1. Introduction To Importation Business.

CHAPTER 2. How To Start Importation Trade With 10,000 only.

CHAPTER 3. Where To Get The Goods To Import And How To Impor From China With Little Capital.

CHAPTER 4. HOW To Get Chines Company To Brand Your Goods With You Desired Name Or Logo.

CHAPTER 5 How To Avoid Custom Duties (FREE IMPORTATION)

CHAPTER 6. How To Get Chines Manufactures To Pay The Shipping FEE Without Additional Cost.

CHAPTER 7. How To Get Goods cheaper From Chines Manufacturers.

CHAPTER 8. How To Customize Goods For Better Profit.

CHAPTER 9. How To Carry Out Effective Market Research To Determine Price.

CHAPTER 10. How to Avoid Chines Company From Cheating On You.

CHAPTER 11. How to determine The Quality of the Goods before Buying Them.

CHAPTER 12. How to determine The BEST/HOT selling Items To Import.

CHPATER 13. How To Get A MASTER-CARD You Can Use Online HERE In Nigeria (World Wide Accepted MasterCard)

CHAPTER 14 . How to Get Already Made Buyers Waiting For The Arrival Of Your Goods.

CHAPTER 15 How TO Market Your Goods Online and sell to over 50 million Nigerians at no additional cost.

CHAPTER 16. How to Get Buyer from

and many more.

How to GET YOUR Guide To Importation Manual

We have introduced our CASH AND CARRY system, which means we will now bring it to your doorstep while you pay for it on the point of collection at any address of your choice. this system of CASH AND CARRY was introduced to provide a fear trade system whereby you as a buyer will be satisfied and every fear of lossing your money to scam stars will be put to rest. with this system, you will only pay when you have seen the book and collect it instantly.

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